What is Vana?

Vana is a complete wellness platform that empowers employees to be fit and healthy, in turn, ensuring companies of increased employee productivity.

Using technologies in mobile health, wearable devices, and data analytics, we are able to bring a comprehensive service that aims to reduce healthcare costs and boost productivity levels of employees.

With Vana, companies are able to make meaningful insights as to how to improve wellness programs, engage with employees, and manage healthcare costs.

Vana is the experience of a journey.
  • For Individuals
  • Pricing
  • How It Works
  • For Employers
  • For Employees
  • Vanna Device

    The Vana Complete Wellness Program

    Wearable Device

    + Activity Tracker

    + Fitness Tracker

    Vana Mobile

    + Wellness Program Goals

    + Rewards and Challenges

    + Announcements

    Vana Dashboard

    + Wellness Analytics

    + Reports

    + Action items

  • Solutions for Employers

    + Ready to deploy

    Vana is a complete workplace health program that you can deploy to individuals or groups.

    + Provides efficient engagement

    Forget e-mail. Vana allows you to engage with your employees using push notifications and challenges.

    + Keeps you informed

    Vana comes with a report dashboard that allows you to check the effectiveness and efficiency of health & wellness programs.

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    Solutions for Employees

    + Comprehensive Program

    Vana comes with fitness classes and memberships, rewards and healthcare advice.

    + Achievable Targets

    Vana wellness program is backed by healthcare professionals with effective health challenges and goals.

    + Safe and Secured Data

    Keeps your data private and secured and makes information available for you.

  • For Individuals

    + Keeps you motivated

    Vana offers gamification features to keep you engaged and motivated with your health & wellness programs.

    + Be more productive

    Vana guides you to be healthier and fit, making your mind and body function to its fullest potential.

    + Always informed

    Vana monitors your activities and provides insights on how you can be healthier.

  • For Individuals


    • VANA is priced at $5 per month for our individual VANAtics.
    For Enterprise

    $5 - $10

    • VANA for enterprise is priced at $5 per user per month.
    • VANA also offers a package with a wearable device
    • priced at $10 per user per month + shipping and handling for the wearable device.
    • VANA is offered at a 24-month contract period.
    • For Enterprises with more than 100 target users
    • send us an email for our tiered pricing plans.

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